Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flip book using the nice component built by Ruben Swieringa

I've created a mini-site for a family member using the flip book component built by Ruben Swieringa:

What do you think? Would it make sense to build a Flex-based CMS solution for creating this type of projects? Do you think there's a demand for a CMS to build this type of mini-sites?


Anonymous said...

I used to work for a newspaper - they were looking for a solution to get one of their magazines online in a flipbook form... that's when I found out there's (what seems like) a whole "flipbook industry" out there... people selling flipbooks/flipbook hosting for allot of money. I have no idea if they were having any clients, but I assume that's why the big number of competitors in the area, so IMO yes, there is demand for things like this - for minisites or for something else.

This happened less than half a year ago, so I wouldn't say the pageflip effect got old (although it did, IMO)

Bart said...

This already exits:, scroll down.

Yevhen said...

How you implement book resizing?

Ria Flex said...



private function onResize(): void
var scaleX: Number = Application.application.width / 1200;
var scaleY: Number = Application.application.height / 800;
this.scaleX = this.scaleY = (scaleX>scaleY?scaleY:scaleX);

... (pages)

Justine said...

I am using the flipping book and it's resize method but since I use it I have problems with the buttons components. The label text cuts itself even if there is enought room to write it entirely. For instance, a button that should show "BUSCAR" shows "BUSC...".
Is there any way to solve that problem?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I also have troubles with this Ruben's book. How can I resize this book by setting WIDTH and HEIGHT of this book.

greenpeace said...

excellent, bookflip, how can I to set a hand cursor on the hardcover edge.

Anonymous said...

thanks for feedback on Yevhen's question. we had the same problem of re sizing the book... scale is the answer :)

Anonymous said...


I saw your book it is very good , but how did u manage to keep one image on two pages? I am talking about MARIAKERKE Page. This will be great help.

Ria Flex said...

I think I cut the picture in 2 so I could put each half on its own page.