Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FP-444 and other neglected Adobe Flex jira bug/feature posts

Did you also read the recent blog post by Ted Patrick that resulted in lots of comments on the fact that nothing seems to happen with most of the Adobe Flex related bug/feature posts? The most notable throughout all the comments was FP-444 (possibility to catch global exceptions - let alone that the Flash Player starts ignoring events after such an exception...). It's open for years and a lot of Adobe Flexers really want this functionality. Do you think in the mean time someone at Adobe took 10 minutes to add a comment to this bug to explain the status of it? No. Does this leave a good impression with prospects? No. Do you think big customers trust such a supplier? No. Will Adobe eventually do something about the near stand still of these bug postings? I hope an Adobian finds 10 minutes to write a positive comment on this blog post in order to give confidence to the community that they choose the right RIA platform...


John Dowdell said...

Here's a comment, but I don't have much to say... I always assumed that a "public bugbase" would face escalating expectations, from "submit" to "vote" to "staff commentary" to "not a bug" debates to "interim builds" and so on.

I know the team is cranking exceptionally hard now on Player 10 cross-device, so I'm not going to push them to comment on each entry there, myself. I will point other staff to your message here though.


Matthew Fabb said...

Recently Ted Patrick posted the following messages on his Twitter feed:
"Met w/ Flash Player Eng QA team, a new process just started @ via #adobefeedback. 16 new QA's, new process, new transparency."
"New QA team is working though bug backlog now. Bugs in JIRA will have status clearly marked for transparency. A great change."
"Special thanks to everyone who got vocal about #adobefeedback and Great change. #Listening"

So hopefully issue FP-444 will get an update soon to let us know what's happening. However, I wouldn't be surprised if new features like something to address FP-444 get few updates beyond that it's being looked into. As Adobe likes to save big feature announcements for conferences like the upcoming Adobe MAX.

Ria Flex said...

Hi Matt this is great news! Of course an announcement regarding FP-444 shouldn't be 'big' news - it should have been fixed like most of the other issues that haven't been fixed yet. But anyway let's hope for the best.