Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adobe Flex - Silverlight compiled size

I promised to provide some details on the compiled size of the application I built in Adobe Flex and Silverlight:

Flex application

Flex framework = 551 KB
Application = 279 KB
Total = 830 KB


XAP file = 994 KB
--> application DLL + AppManifest.xaml = 85 KB (compressed)
--> Silverlight framework = 348 KB (compressed)
--> Telerik controls used = 560 KB (compressed)

Some remarks:

The Telerik controls cause the Silverlight application to be bigger than the Flex application. I had to use them however given the bugs in the Silverlight combobox and popup controls.

The Flex framework makes a big part of the Flex application. It's however important to note that it can be cached cross domain and therefore doesn't need to be downloaded again after clearing the browser cache. In case of Silverlight each new deploy of the application requires the Silverlight framework as well as the 3rd party controls to be re-deployed.


FlashCoder said...

All things considered then, one wonders how THIS happened

Ria Flex said...

Maybe this post by Serge has the explanation...