Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Certified Adobe Flex Developer

I've waited and waited but it seems that the Adobe Flex 3 certification exam won't come before the release of Adobe Flex 4... Therefore I finally decided to do the Adobe Flex 2 certification and guess what: I passed :) It was a nice bunch of questions, some on UI, some on application design (even some UML) and some on data services. Most of them were 'practical' question but of course some are less 'obvious'.


Anonymous said...

Hi! and congratulation! I am looking for a flex certificate like you. you might be a professional ones to pass that exam.

Ria Flex said...

Thx! It isn't too problematic too pass if you have done a couple of Flex projects. Success!

Anonymous said...

i want to that plz let me know where i have to register for that.

Ria Flex said...


Anand said...

ngratulation on your certification dude.

However for the readers of your blog here is a quick link to get some details about flex 2 certification,

happy flexing,